Our goal is to spread the love of Christ by partnering with LOCAL pastors AND EMPOWERING THEM WITH THE RESOURCES TO EXPAND THE KINGDOM OF GOD.


The vision dawns in in 2002 with Miguel Padilla, the founder of Embajadores. One night after a busy day, he had an unusual experience. “I was driving down the highway,” he recalled, “on my way to church. I decided to put some worship music on. What happened next was far from routine. Suddenly, I started crying as I felt the Lord speaking to me and putting this burden in my heart for Mexico. I pulled over and wept in my car as the Lord birthed something in me." 


​I​n 2004, with the vision still on his mind, he started going to Mexico and started evangelizing his family and anyone who would listen to him. Going from house to house having bible studies and prayer meetings. He would do this for the next few years as many times as funds allowed it.


While there in 2008, he developed more of the vision when someone suggested a big church service out in the street because there were so many people wanting to hear the message of salvation. It would welcome all Christians no matter what their denomination.


Starting as a relatively small in the early 2000s, by the 2010s our groups of individuals participating in short-term mission trips each year was starting to increase, and we know this number will only continue to grow.


This model of mission trips has allowed people to be far more involved in demonstrating their passion for the world by putting them in direct contact with those they serve and support. The short-term mission trip becomes the connecting point that allows for relationships to develop. People still give money, but now they can also participate by giving their time, resources, and skills. Once the connection is made through a short-term mission trip, people continue to stay in touch.